BESEP project meeting in Stockholm – 14.-16.6.2022

After almost two years of meeting remotely, the BESEP project team was finally able to meet in-person. Two and half days of fruitful discussions on partner specific case studies and their Safety Engineering Practices. After the summer vacation period, we’ll enter the actual benchmark phase. Big thanks to Risk Pilot for hosting the project meeting (linkedin)!

BESEP participation in FISA 2022 – 30.5-3.6.2022

The VTT BESEP project team was invited to participate to FISA 2022 & EURADWASTE ’22 (10th Euratom Conference on Reactor Safety & 10th Euratom Conference Radioactive Waste Management) to present the project.

BESEP project was presented under topic “Probabilistic safety assessment for internal and external events on nuclear power plants and on mitigation strategies” together with “New approach to reactor safety improvements” (NARSIS) and “Reduction of radiological consequences of design basis and extension accidents” (R2CA) projects. Later, there will be a joint paper of the three projects in journal EPJ N Nuclear Sciences and Technologies.